"This is the law: blood spilt upon the ground cries out for more."

Lest You Be Judged sees the introduction of Detective Chief Inspector Mike Steel and Detective Sergeant Robin Moss. Moving forward several hundred years from Deacon William Brodie's time, the novel is set in 2000: "A new year, a new decade, a new century."

When a High Court Judge is brutally murdered, DCI Mike Steel begins to piece together the jigsaw which will find his killer.

Aided by his new sergeant, DS Robin Moss, a fast-track university graduate, they discover there has been an escape from a secure mental hospital and, after a Priest is murdered, they realise they are on the heels of a serial killer.

The jigsaw pieces appear to be a perfect fit until Moss uncovers one missing, and horrifying, piece.

Lest You Be Judged

Hopefully a publication date for Lest You Be Judged will be soon (the cover shown here was solely a writing aid). Meanwhile, David is writing its sequel, All Flesh Is Grass.